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Chukotka presents new Bering Strait International Festival concept

Last week, a task team from the Chukotka Autonomous Area Government attended a meeting of the Northern Forum regional coordinators in Khanty-Mansiysk. They presented the updated bill of events for the Bering Strait international festival, to be held in Chukotka from 2 to 7 August.

'The regional coordinators discussed significant geopolitical changes which naturally affected international cooperation at large; changes were also made to the concept of the Bering Strait International Festival,' said Yuliya Boykova, Assistant to the Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Area.

The festivities under the festival brand will also commemorate the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. The Beringian Games in the capital of Chukotka will start the festival. The main athletic, business and cultural programme will also take place there. The games will include traditional sports such as national triple jumps, jumping over the sled, tug of war with a pole, and others. Representatives of 9 Arctic regions of Russia are expected to participate. Conference video calls will also be established with foreign venues for participants unable to attend in person.

The Arctic Travelers' Forum will be held in Anadyr, Egvekinot and Lavrentiya as part of the festival, while the Forum's business section will be held in the regional capital. Also on the bill are the Expedition of the Arctic Travelers' Forum – a promotional tour for the press and tourism industry professionals, as well as a landmark event featuring the installation of branded flags at Cape Dezhnyov.

In the village of Lorino, Chukotskiy District, team kayaking races will be held. This is a traditional Chukchi competition, to be showcased as part of the Bering Strait Festival.

The Beringia 2022 leather kayak regatta is a major holiday for sea hunters, as well as for their families and the entire local community. Competitions will be held among men's, women's and youth teams and solo kayakers. Other events include national sports tournaments in various age groups, a fair of decorative arts and scrimshaw, contests in performing national dances, throat singing and tongue twisters in native languages, the Best Campfire Hostess competition, a show of traditional garb, and many others.

Sea cruise tourism along the shores of Chukotka is a major hit among travelers from around the world these days. Special tour programmes for cruise ships and pleasure boats have been developed as part of the Bering Strait Festival. Russian cruise ships, training sailboats and private yachts can take part in the festival.