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Bering Strait Festival to be held in Chukotka

The Bering Strait International Festival for the local community of the Russian Arctic will be held in Chukotka on 2-7 August after a two-year break, TASS reports on Wednesday, citing the press service of the district government.

The festivities under the festival brand will also commemorate the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. The Beringian Games in the capital of Chukotka will start the festival. The main athletic, business and cultural programme will also take place there. The games will include traditional sports such as national triple jumps, jumping over the sled, tug of war with a pole, and others. Representatives of 9 Arctic regions of Russia are expected to participate. Conference video calls will also be established with foreign venues, the statement said.

It’s also been stated that as part of the festival will be held the Arctic Travelers' Forum, a leather kayak regatta, a fair of decorative arts and scrimshaw, contests in performing national dances, throat singing and tongue twisters in native languages, the Best Campfire Hostess competition, a show of traditional garb, and many others. Russian cruise ships, training sailboats and private yachts can also take part in the festival.