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Bering Strait Festival to be held in three municipalities of Chukotka

The events of the Bering Strait Festival (6+) are scheduled to take place in the Chukotka Autonomous Area in early August. The festival venues will be set up in Anadyr, Egvekinot and Lavrentiya, Chukotka Information Agency reports.

The festival is scheduled to begin on 2 August in Anadyr. The regional capital is to host the main athletic, business and cultural programme. Participants of the Beringian Games will compete in traditional sports. The bill includes national triple jumps, tug-of-war with a pole, jumping over a sled, tug-of-war with a ribbon on the heads, and other competitions.

'The events of the festival's business programme will be held in the Folk Arts Centre. We are going to focus on the development of tourism in the Arctic. Travel agency representatives will speak about the development of routes, and guests, who are tourists themselves, will tell stories of travelling along these routes. Representatives of nine Arctic regions of Russia are expected to come; seven have already confirmed their participation,' a spokesman of the regional Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism noted.

The Arctic Travelers' Forum will be held in the villages of Egvekinot and Lavrentiya as part of the festival, and in Lorino, participants and guests will watch the Beringia 2022 leather kayak regatta (6+). The festival will wrap up after the installation of branded flags on Cape Dezhnyov, the easternmost point of Eurasia.